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The former Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim is home to Mt. Khangchendzonga, the world’s third highest mountain and offers stunning landscapes dotted with colourful Buddhist monasteries, cascading waterfalls, jungles rich in orchids and rhododendron...

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No other country on earth has preserved and protected its traditions, environment and cultural identity from the influence of western civilization as much as Bhutan. The Himalayan kingdom balances modernization with its ancient culture and traditions

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Darjeeling - Kalimpong

Earlier Darjeeling used to be part of the Kingdom of Sikkim while Kalimpong belonged to the Kingdom of Bhutan. Today both Himalayan regions are part of the Indian state of West-Bengal. Darjeeling’s famous toy-train...

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Walking & Hiking

To discover the heart and soul of a destination we believe that there is no better way to do so than on foot! Let us take you away from the noise and pollution of major roads and off beaten tourist-tracks allowing you to gain insights into the rural way of life in corners less explored of your chosen destination.

This is a wonderful way to enrich your journey. Dive into the heart and soul of your destination as you are re-connecting with your own agrarian heritage and break long hours of driving with some light, physical activity.

Take time out to watch as the fields are being ploughed by ox in, as barley is roasted in the courtyard’s open fire or exotic domestic animals are being the diversity of tribal traditions, cultures and vernacular architecture; visit local homes, rural schools, sacred sites, remote temples and monasteries with us.

Come and take glimpses into corners less explored of your destination.

Our walks & hikes are for you if...

  • you are eager to discover authentic, rural life – besides the common touristic attractions of your destination
  • you are looking to enrich your journey with walks & hikes off the beaten track
  • you want some level of physical exercise in-between drives
  • you have a good physical constitution, average condition and you enjoy easy, slow walking on natural surface from typically between one to four hours.
  • want to stay flexible – should you not be in the mood to walk or the weather is not favourable - you can easily miss the planned walk out! Your vehicle can always access the starting- and ending point
  • enjoy journeying individually on your own or in small groups
  • want to enjoy nature yet prefer to stay in solid accommodation and avoid overnights in trekking-tents

You will be accompanied by...

...a local guide to show you the way and bridge the language-gap. With the help of your guide you will be in a position to interact with the people and gain deep insights into the way of life of your destination. Along the way it often happens that you are invited to join an ongoing ceremony, enjoy a cup of tea in a local home or see local handicraft, household-chores, food-processing and farmer’s works in progress.


... in connection with nature- and village-walks varies depending on your choice of destination. It ranges from simple, clean farmhouse-lodges and private homestays to simple hotels. In some destinations such as Mongolia or Ladakh, India accommodation may also be in fixed tent-camps. In choosing accommodation we give preference to culture-reflecting accommodation in vernacular architecture.

Contact us:

  • We offer village- and nature walks in Myanmar, Bhutan, Mongolia, Nepal and all over India, including in India’s remote and lesser known northeastern states of Sikkim, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh; the Himalayas of Sikkim, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh / Spiti and Uttarkhand / Garwhal & Kumaon and Rajasthan.
  • Check-out our destination-fotogalleries to find more info about our walks & hikes under overview and contact us for further queries.
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