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The former Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim is home to Mt. Khangchendzonga, the world’s third highest mountain and offers stunning landscapes dotted with colourful Buddhist monasteries, cascading waterfalls, jungles rich in orchids and rhododendron...

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No other country on earth has preserved and protected its traditions, environment and cultural identity from the influence of western civilization as much as Bhutan. The Himalayan kingdom balances modernization with its ancient culture and traditions

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Darjeeling - Kalimpong

Earlier Darjeeling used to be part of the Kingdom of Sikkim while Kalimpong belonged to the Kingdom of Bhutan. Today both Himalayan regions are part of the Indian state of West-Bengal. Darjeeling’s famous toy-train...

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The Experts

Swiss –Himalayan Team

Tseten Norbu Bhutia is in-charge of Yetilaya’s Trekking- & Mountaineering in Sikkim.

He was born and raised in a remote, quaint farmer’s village that is the starting-point of Sikkim-Himalaya’s most popular trekking-route.

Tseten Norbu Bhutia

As early as at the age of 11 Tseten used to accompany his grandfather to treks into the fascinating mountain-worlds below Mt. Khangchenjunga, the former kingdom’s guardian deity. The mythic stories about Yeti-sightings and encounters with spirits and legends that used to be shared with him by the village elders combined with the teachings of Buddhism and the Lepcha-view of life as an interdependent web have instilled a deep sense of respect towards nature and her forces. Tseten takes care of our equipment, provides updates about changing trail- and weather-conditions in the mountains and maintains an excellent relationship with local porters, cooks, nurses, doctors and authorities.

He has many years of experience as a tour- & trekking-guide as well as manager of mountaineering-expeditions & trekking in Sikkim. His main priority is to provide excellent trekking-experiences to our guests by top organization and nurturing a caring and motivated team-spirit. Tseten earned a Master in Arts-degree in History at the North Bengal University and has many years of experience as cultural and trekking- guide as well as in–charge of our expeditions, mountaineering & trekking-tours in Sikkim. Tseten speaks English, Bhutia, Lepcha, Nepali and Hindi.

Helen Kämpf Yetilaya Travels is under Swiss- & Himalayan leadership. Helen Kämpf of Switzerland has lived and travelled in the Indian Himalayas for over 12 years and manages Yetilaya Travels personally. She knows the needs and expectations of western guests as well as the ways of the East. Through her profound local knowledge, personal contacts and extensive experience she offers a unique bridge between the East & West, providing the best to our guests by motivated, trained local teams. Many of our walks, hikes and treks have been explored personally by her.

Helen has extensive work- and travel-experience all over India, Bhutan, Central- and North America. She completed commercial school in Switzerland, earned a Bachelor’s of International Studies at The School for International Training, USA, established a unique boutique-hotel in Sikkim and launched yetilaya’s mother-house: Helen speaks German, English, some French, Spanish and Nepali.
Pema Lazhey Lepcha Pema Lazhey Lepcha was born and raised in a typical indigenous Lepcha-village. After completing school at Human Development Foundation and in Gangtok, Pema underwent training in IT and worked as co-ordinator for ECOSS (Ecotourism Society of Sikkim). This is when her interest in tourism and in her own Lepcha-community began to grow. It was through Terralaya Travel’s voluntary contributions towards homestay-training- and promotion in her village, that Pema finally became part of our team. She has been managing administration of Bamboo Retreat and Terralaya Travels since 2009 and is in-charge of our tours daily quality-check, tourco- ordination, correspondence with guests and the timely obtaining of the various required permits.

Swiss Mountaineers

Swiss Mountaineers Swiss Mountaineers Swiss Mountaineers

Our expeditions are always accompanied by qualified experts.

Well experienced Swiss mountaineers have successfully undertaken expeditions in collaboration with our highly experienced Sherpas and local teams. Repeat-customer Mr. Art Furrer, a famous Swiss ski-acrobat, hotelier and showman and his wife have repeatedly participated in expeditions to remote Himalayan mountain-worlds with us.

Our Cultural Guides & Drivers

Our Cultural Guides & Drivers      Our Cultural Guides & Drivers     Our qualified, local guides are not only experienced and specialized in various themes including local history, cultures, religions, botany and ornithology – they also have a passion for your destination and enjoy interacting with you.

Our highly experienced drivers take care of proper car-maintenance and hygiene, drive carefully are reliable and ready to consider your personal wishes in terms of timing, music and the making of spontaneous foto-stops along the way.

Our team of Sherpas, Guides, Cooks, Porters & Animal-Caretakers

Our team   Our team   Our team  
Our team   Our team   Our team  

We consider our experienced Sherpas and local trekking-team-members as our most valuable asset. And accordingly we maintain an excellent relationship with our team-members. It goes without saying that fair compensation and the provision of appropriate equipment are integrated part of our standard . Our Sherpas are well-experienced in highaltitude securing and most have taken part in Everest-and other challenging high-altitude expeditions; our cooks are well-experienced and trained in healthy, diverse and hygienic cooking; we maintain an excellent relationship with our porters and make sure that they carry not more than xxx kg, are provided with appropriate clothing if needed and compensate their hard work in a fair and motivating manner.


Our Team   Our Team    Our Team   


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