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The former Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim is home to Mt. Khangchendzonga, the world’s third highest mountain and offers stunning landscapes dotted with colourful Buddhist monasteries, cascading waterfalls, jungles rich in orchids and rhododendron...

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No other country on earth has preserved and protected its traditions, environment and cultural identity from the influence of western civilization as much as Bhutan. The Himalayan kingdom balances modernization with its ancient culture and traditions

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Darjeeling - Kalimpong

Earlier Darjeeling used to be part of the Kingdom of Sikkim while Kalimpong belonged to the Kingdom of Bhutan. Today both Himalayan regions are part of the Indian state of West-Bengal. Darjeeling’s famous toy-train...

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The Trekking Equipment

Tents in Himalaya Local trekking-guide, porters, ponies, yaks, camels Single Tent

Depending on your trekking-destination the provided equipment varies depending on altitude, type of destination and available infrastructure along the way.

In case of trekking-routes in less remote areas or cultural journey with integrated nature- & village-walks all overnights take place in solid accommodations such as simple lodges, farmhouses, guesthouses, cottages or home-stays.

On the other hand some if not all overnights are in tents in case of remoter, lesser-known trekking-routes.

Guest enjoying trek Tent for trekking Experienced trekking-cook with kitchen-team

The following is an example of provided equipment during a common group-trekking in a remote area:

Dome-tents for our guests: in case of lower-altitude treks we provide the more spacious three-man-tents per two persons and for more space and comfort single tent-bookings can be booked; a dining-tent with table and chairs; a kitchen-tent with complete kitchen-equipment; toilet-tent/s; additional staff-tents.

Therm-A-Rest and/or extra-comfortable state-of-the-art inflatable down-mats for extra comfort and insulating properties. The tent-floor is further insulated by a plastic-sheet and an additional foam-mat.

While most trekking-participants bring along their own personal sleeping bags we can also provide quality-sleeping-bags by Ajungilak.

Tent in Trekking
Water Bottles
After dinner hot water bottles are provided to help keep you warm at night.

Kitchen equipment
Kerosene- or gas-stoves, complete set of cooking tools, dishes, pots and utensils, tablecloth, napkins, buckets, bowls, etc.

If appropriate - depending on the altitude of the trek and season – we even provide a heater inside the dining-tent.

Dining in tent heater
Supplies & provisions
Includes fresh and canned vegetables, fruits and meat; cereals, fruit-juice, tea, coffee, chocolate, a variety of jams, juices and sauces, honey, cheese, eggs, butter, pulses, grains, bread, oils, spices, soups etc. In case of long trekking-tours we organize second-supplies in order to provide our guests with healthy, fresh meals throughout. Supplies are transported in aluminium-boxes, plastic drums, local bamboo-baskets and/or water- and tear-proof outdoor-bags by Ortlieb of Germany.

Walky Talkie
If appropriate one to two sets of walky talkie are part of our equipment in order to provide smooth communication within the trekking-team.

 Fresh vegetables
Satellite Telephone
Is provided where appropriate for your safety.

First Aid
A supply of first aid and appropriate medicines.

For more details on equipment provided during the trek of your choice please contact us at:

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